Rene' Correia VIA Facebook

Truelove's Longhorn Burgers — 5 star
May 24, 2016

Best tasting burgers! Over the top friendly! Great place just to hang out with friends and family over dinner. It's the first time in a long time I've actually eaten a whole burger and not left any behind. Good Job Truelove!

Martha Fouts VIA Facebook

Truelove's Longhorn Burgers — 5 star
May 13, 2016

Great food! I love the fact that you can eat something lean and healthy if you want. But, the bacon and ranch fries are quite tasty, too! I think my favorite burger might be the Firecracker. Great place!

what  are our guests saying???

Melissa A. Rodriguez-Hill VIA Facebook 
Truelove's Longhorn Burgers — 5 star
May 15, 2016

The Longhorn Burger was wonderful, full of flavor! Loved the fries, they were delicious! Chocolate shake was on point! Make a point to go out and try them, you'll want to come back again and again!

Israel Smith VIA Facebook 
Truelove's Longhorn Burgers — 5 star
July 17, 2016 

My wife picked this place for her birthday! And everything was excellent and everything tasted fresh! The food was excellent & so was the service!! The guys who were working were very friendly and also wished my wife a happy birthday!!! I highly recommend this place!! We will be back!!

Melode Ann Redding VIA Facebook 
Truelove's Longhorn Burgers — 5 star
Aug 25, 2016 

The sliders are perfect for me. I would drive from Mustang to this place any day of the week for fresh cut fries. Oh yes; I will be back !! Next time I'm going to try a slider with a milkshake.
Oh yes, I will be back!
Friends, they've only been open about Four months. Can you imagine the utilities and overhead in four short months? Take the night off, from the kitchen, and come here to eat. It makes your tummy smile!

Lori Lusk VIA Facebook 
Truelove's Longhorn Burgers — 5 star
Jan 25, 2017 

My daughter and I had lunch the other day. It was late afternoon, but before the dinner rush, so it was really nice. We had 2 toddlers with us and really appreciated the play area! As with previous reviews, food was delicious, service was great and everyone there was super friendly. I can't wait to take my hubby there now!

Brian Good VIA Facebook

Truelove's Longhorn Burgers — 5 star
May 20, 2016

I have been here 4 times, now. Great, every time! Cowboy burger, the first time. BYOB with all of the vegetables and the hickory mayo from the cowboy burger for the sauce (my favorite!), twice. Mint shakes and strawberry shakes with the family , tonight. Never disappointed. Yes, the food takes a little longer, but, that is because everything is hand made and made to order. Just sit at the bar and watch them make it (love that, by the way). And they are not standing around playing on their phones, they are working! Can't get that kind of quality and care from a fast food restaurant. I will definitely be back, probably tomorrow.

Shaun Ladymon VIA Facebook

Truelove's Longhorn Burgers — 5 star
May 24, 2016 · 

This place is awesome! Helps that it's within walking distance of my house.

I had the Cowboy. The patty was very flavorful and I was surprised to discover that it wasn't overly greasy. The cornbread kaiser bun was a perfect match for the beef and cheddar cheese. The hickory BBQ mayo was a nice touch as well.

Will definitely be going back soon!

Terrance White VIA Facebook
Truelove's Longhorn Burgers — 5 star
Dec 21, 2016 · 

Hands down my favorite local burger spot. I love the Firecracker with fresh cut grilled jalapenos and chipotle ketchup. The natural cut fries and that special seasoning is amazing. The loaded baked potatoes are delicious also. If given the option my kids would choose Truelove's every time. Even my parents from TX want Truelove's each time they visit. I've NEVER been disappointed. This place is the Disneyland of burgers.

Ginger Fenton VIA Facebook
Truelove's Longhorn Burgers — 5 star
Dec 10, 2016 

We will never eat burgers anywhere else! Mr. Truelove was my son's history teacher and there was a reason he won teacher of the year. It is quite evident he can teach the other guys some lessons as well when it comes to burgers, not to mention the FRIES--oh the fries!!! Thank you Mr. Truelove for making burger history!